Generic Refills for Livescribe now available in smooth-writing black German ink!

I’ve been busy doing quality control on the new black refills and they are all uniformly smooth writing!  I’m really pleased.

I’m still waiting on my new shipment of business cards but have enough to package up the initial batch of Black ink refills.  Wrote a couple of comments on some forums to let you know that these are now available, and sent out some emails.  I can’t really send emails to eBay customers until I get my eBay listing up – that might be another week.  Inventory can’t go out to Amazon until I setup my UPC codes for the Black/fine and the Black/medium refills so don’t expect to see them at Amazon for another couple of weeks – they have to receive my inventory and then they seem to shuffle it around to various fulfillment centers.

Thanks for being patient while I got these new refills ready to sell!  You can use the links in the sidebar or the tab above to place your orders directly from me.


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