Feedback that comes directly to Generic Refills will be posted here. Thanks so much for your  questions, kind words, suggestions, and comments!

Jean-Sebastien (18 Dec 2013) said,

I apologize for the late reply. But be assured that the package arrived on November 29th. In fact, I was positively impressed how quickly it was shipped, even around Thanksgiving. So I wanted to thank you for the samples, they’re great and it will allow me to give some of my refills to coworkers who also happen to own Echo pens. Maybe I won’t be your only customer in Quebec.

Thank you very much,
A satisfied customer

Eric F. (13 Oct 2013) said,

I love your pens! My lifescribe is now so smooth! It is like ice skating compared to the Uniball Jetstream. Are you going to sell other types of refills? Or stand alone pens? Or do you have a suggestion of another pen that writes close to your smoothness in the meantime. Thanks!

Generic Refills replied – I’m so glad that you like the quality of our Generic Refills! No plans to market a stand alone pen although we should consider it! We’re looking into the possibility of gel ink refills for Livescribe pens but there are a lot of technical issues that might stand in the way…

Kevin M. (26 Sep 2013) said,

Last week I returned from a two day business meeting in Denver and after being very disappointed with the performance of my livescribe pen refills I was considering putting it on the shelf for good or donating it with other give-aways headed to our local Goodwill store. Then I stumbled onto your refills and my World has changed! I’ve re-discovered my enthusiasm for my Livescribe! Thank you so much for what is 1000% better than the OEM refills. I have one question for you. Am I missing something or where do I order the black color refills? Thanks again!

Generic Refills replied – Kevin, Thanks for your kind words! Black German ink refills are now available on this site and on eBay. Please check the “Buy…” tab above or the links in the sidebar —>
They are coming soon to 🙂


4 responses to “Feedback

  1. Hi. I recently purchased some of your ink refills. I was wondering if we were able to recycle them with you or if we just throw them away.

  2. Hi!

    The refills don’t seem to fit as snugly as the originals. Writing with these refills causes the microphone to pick up a lot of clicking sounds made by the refill moving around in the socket.

    Please consider changing the width of the refills.

    Thank you.

  3. Dear Athar,

    Please take a look at my post of 13 Jan 2014 for a possible “solution.” We suspect that Livescribe has made the opening of their pens “a little wide” to accommodate the free movement of their refill in the pressure sensor that turns on the infrared camera. This is especially annoying on the new LS3 because the pen opening is metal, quite a clicky noise with either the OEM refills direct from Livescribe or our own Generic Refills.

    Thanks for your feedback!
    Generic Refills

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