Monthly Archives: September 2014

Need quick delivery? please order from Amazon for the next week or so…

Generic Refills is on vacation, and can fill orders but more slowly than normal. We’re in the Seattle area for a few more days, and have access to the Post Office etc. so you can expect more or less normal service for a few more days. Headed across to south eastern Washington State for a reunion for three days so you might get your package post marked, “Walla Walla, WA” if you’re lucky!

After the reunion, we’ll drive back to Seattle for a day, then we get on the Empire Builder (Amtrak #8) to head to Chicago. Definitely limited access to the Post Office during this time! One day in Chicago (any suggestions for essential sights to take in?), and then we’re on the Capitol Limited to Washington DC with a connection to the Silver Star to ride back to Cary, North Carolina, and a short drive back to Carrboro. A cross-country train adventure!

Haven’t had much time the last few months to keep the blog up to date but you’ll hear from us again soon!