Smooth-writing black German ink refills are on their way!

My manufacturer let me know that my order of black ink refills is on it’s way to Carrboro, North Carolina!  I will test one refill out of each bundle of two hundred in my Sky WiFi pen to see just how smoothly they write.  I’ve already written with some sample refills and expect the actual production run to be just as smooth.  I was really pleasantly surprised at the uniformly superior ink flow of the blue German ink refills that I have been selling.



4 responses to “Smooth-writing black German ink refills are on their way!

  1. very excited to see black pens coming. as much as i appreciated vast improvement over livescribe that i purchased via eBay, i’m not a blue pen user so my livescribe use stalled again.
    will you announce on livescribe forum when they come in, or shall i check back here again?

  2. I’ll post here at and I can post on the Livescribe forum (can you forward me a URL so it goes to the thread that you’ll be checking?). I’m really excited to be getting Generic Refills for Livescribe with smooth-writing Black German ink too! Sincerely, Generic Refills

  3. My medium blue refills arrived earlier in the week. Same great quality as the fine tips. My daily work journal looks so much neater and the evernote notes are much much clearer now that I am using the new ink.

    Can’t wait for the black ink to come in!

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