Buy Generic Refills for Livescribe 3 Here!

You can purchase Generic Refills for Livescribe 3 from:

our eBay listings

or from

Here are the links to
A small favor to ask: if you like our Livescribe 3 refills, please post a favorable review on! Reviews can make or break a small merchant like Generic Refills and we want to continue to offer smooth-writing German ink refills to the Livescribe community!

Black German ink / Fine tips for Livescribe 3 on

Blue German ink / Fine tips for Livescribe 3 on

Guaranteed to be smooth-writing! These Generic Refills use the same ink you’ve come to love in our refills for the Pulse, Echo and Sky wifi pens.


9 responses to “Buy Generic Refills for Livescribe 3 Here!

  1. Name required

    Not available in Uk unless bought through Another supplier @ 75 dollars (46 pounds). Total rip off. What the hell is going on?

    • Wow, that is a lot to pay for pen refills! We can ship to the UK for a flat rate of US$11 and we feel that our pricing for the original length refills (57mm) for Pulse, Echo and Sky, and the 67mm long refills for the Livescribe 3 are reasonable given that they are very smooth-writing because of the premium German ink. Rest assured that we don’t have any suppliers in the UK.

    • I know that Amazon and eBay will ship our product overseas. They generally use Express service with Insurance which does drive up the price. We use First Class International Package service with the United States Postal Service. Its reliable but slower than Express delivery.

  2. Khaled El-Khawas

    Can you combine shipping internationally to Australia. I’m trying to get the black, red and blue but on ebay I have to pay individually for shipping costs?

    • Khaled, Thanks for bringing this to our attention. We can not change what eBay Global Shipping charges (they have a tiered pricing format).

      However, we can ship directly to Australia by USPS International First Class Package service for a flat rate of $11 per order. This is available as a separate listing on eBay or you can order from the catalog page on our own website. We’re looking forward to fulfilling your order!

  3. Hey, I am interested in buying one of the livescribe pens. However, I want to sample available inks before forking out. I suspect that there will be differences in ‘gel-ness’ between your ink refills: across pen-type (livescibe 3 vs other types), across color, and across ball size – unfortunately though, the high-quality inks are too expensive for me to try all the types you offer. Can you recommend your most gel-like refill so that I can order a pack to sample? I have no preference across pen model.

    Much love,

    • Dear Tim,

      I’m not sure how we missed seeing your inquiry, and apologize for the lateness of our reply. Have you already purchased a Livescribe pen? I have gel ink refills for the Livescribe Echo but no gel refills for the Livescribe 3. Our Livescribe 3 refills are fine tip, and are filled with smooth-writing German ink. I could put together a mixed pack for you to try the different refills rather than have you purchase a pack of each kind (which would be too expensive for you to just try our Livescribe refills).

      Let us know if you are still interested!

  4. Darren Duncan

    BTW I tried some Cross Pen Mini Ballpoint Refills and they work fine. These are nice to write and have better quality than the standard Livescribe 3 ones which are a bit hit and miss in my experience. Not sure how long they will last but the code is 8518-4 for the black ones. I have tried your generic ones from eBay and they worked much better too!

  5. Glad the Cross Pen Mini Ballpoint Refills worked out for you. I see them listed on Amazon for $5.50 – $6.75 per pack of two. Even happier that you like our Generic Refills at a considerable cost savings to you!

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