Happy Holidays!

Wow, I’ve been neglecting the blog. Don’t worry though! We’re still providing the Livescribe community a source of smooth-writing generic refills for Livescribe Echo (57 mm long) and Livescribe 3/Aegir/Symphony pens (67 mm long).

Look for us on Amazon or eBay. Just search ‘Generic Refills Livescribe’ and we ought to be your top hit. My sales handle is ‘GenericRefills’ on both of those sites. You can also order on this wordpress site or at our http://www.mylabmaker.com website! If you order here or at http://www.mylabmaker.com you will save us a little on commissions. In return, I’ll include a free sample for you 🙂

Looking forward to the new year!

Generic Refills


2 responses to “Happy Holidays!

  1. Do you know of any United Kingdom supplier for these as the shipping via Livescribe is more than the cost for 5 refills?

    • Mark, We can ship to UK but we aren’t allowed to use USPS International Mail anymore for merchandise. We have to use USPS First Class Package International and the minimum shipping cost is (off the top of my head) $14. We will throw in an extra pack of refills for free to help offset the high cost of international shipping so that decreases your per pack shipping cost considerably. Also, if you are not happy with the refills, we will refund you the cost of the refills. Sincerely, Generic Refills

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