Green German ink & Japanese Gel ink refills are on their way!

I’ve had so many requests for new colors of ink! It was hard to narrow it down but we’ve got Green German ink refills coming for the Livescribe Pulse/Echo/Sky (57mm), as well as Black Japanese Gel Ink refills for the Pulse/Echo/Sky (57mm).

The Gel ink refills write very nice! but have so little ink in them. I personally would only use them to annotate notes that I’ve already taken or for drawing diagrams. Of course, you are welcome to use them however you see fit! Just be forewarned that you won’t get very many pages with them! The samples let me transcribe a good bit of the Constitution of the United States of America but not much more. I’ll let you know how the production model works out.

Nothing new for the Livescribe 3 yet.  What would you like to see? medium tips? new colors? gel ink (with the caveat that there probably isn’t enough ink in them to be practical for everyday writing). Let us know in the comments!


10 responses to “Green German ink & Japanese Gel ink refills are on their way!

  1. Are there any BOLD ink refills for the Echo? I would like a larger point and preferably in blue. If so please send me an email and link to purchase.

  2. The problem I have, is that I like to write with extra fine/micro (0.5mm) gel ballpoint ink and Livescribe only sells medium (1.0mm) ink for the Livescribe 3 and not in all colors. I found a fix. The Uni Jetstream SXR-200-05 0.5mm refills work just fine. Although a little more expensive, I get what I am looking for. Next I am going to try the Zebra JSB-0.5 Gel Pen Refill – D1 – 0.5 mm and see how that works.

    • I suspect that our gel ink refills for Livescribe Echo are quite similar to the Zebra Gel Pen Refills, except that Echo refills must be about 10mm shorter. Is the Unit Jetstream gel ink?

  3. LiveScribeFanaticHatestheInk

    I’ve just finished using a Zebra JSB-0.5 Gel Pen Refill – D1 – 0.5 mm refill. It writes like a dream (provided you cut it to length accurately). If you get the length wrong, the camera stays activated and your notebook pages show long ghosting lines where you have moved your hands between words and between parts of the pages. Can’t wait for the gel refills on this site to come out. When are they due?

    • I’ve been sending out samples to get feedback before offering these for sale. We are getting our packaging in order right now.

      The “ghosting” happens if the refill can’t move freely to deactivate the camera when you lift off the paper. Perhaps your refill was bent slightly when you cut it to length? so that it rubs? If you put the pen to paper and then look into the camera, you should not see the red InfraRed light; it comes on when the camera is active.

      Curious, how many pages did you get from the Zebra?

  4. Just wondering if you have gotten to make a medium tip green ink livescribe 3 cartridge at all? I hope so! G

  5. I am a college student and I am taking 4 Classes and within 2 months I was out of ink in two pens! No not good!

    • Hi Cindy,
      Refills for the Livescribe pens do have a limited ink supply because they are so thin. The Japanese gel ink refills have even less writing capacity because gel ink is less concentrated than normal ball point pen ink. You must be taking a lot of notes! Its so hard to comment on the lifetime of any refill because we don’t think in terms of linear inches of ink; this would be the most accurate, unbiased way to decide. Each of us writes differently on the page so the number of pages isn’t a fair comparison, and we all write a different number of pages a week so time isn’t a perfect measure either. I hope that you were happy with how your Generic Refills wrote, even if you felt their lifetime was too short. Another factor, the medium tips lay down more ink per inch than the fine tips so their lifetime will be shorter – so many variables! Can you tell that my day job involves science?
      Sincerely, Generic Refills

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