Livescribe OLED displays have 2 year warranty!

OK, good news for me! and maybe new news for you: Livescribe provides a 2 year warranty on OLED displays of recently purchased Livescribe Echo (and the discontinued Sky) pens.  I received an email from Livescribe telling me that my Sky wifi pen was nearing the end of its first year (on Dec 12th), and that the warranty for the pen was 1 yr, except for the OLED display, which is warrantied for 2 years.

Waiting to see what the warranty will provide and if I will have to pay anything for the service. I’d sure like to keep using the Sky wifi, even though I did just upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus, just in case I switch over to using my Livescribe 3 for everyday notes.

Be sure to come back tomorrow!


One response to “Livescribe OLED displays have 2 year warranty!

  1. My Sky 8G was pretty easy to replace (Fedex says it will arrive Monday, about 2 weeks plus 2 days from my first email request for replacement) – I don’t have any iOS devices, and I have yet to find a happy Android LS3 user online, so I opted for the Echo replacement. I also told them I had purchased the Pro pack, which has an almost $100 difference from the Echo pro pack, and asked them to send the recording headset included in the Echo premium pack (which costs only about $20 less than the set I paid for), and they agreed. For some reason, they are only sending a 4GB echo (half the storage of my 8Gb Sky), but since it is already on its way & I sync frequently & like the Echo desktop interface, I don’t think I will send it back, just register a complaint about the disparity & request a LS store credit that I can use towards my next year of LivePDF service (which I find quite handy).

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