We’re always ready to take your orders and suggestions!

We’ve got plenty of refills packaged and ready to ship immediately! Our smooth writing German ink makes all the difference to your writing experience. So much nicer than the Livescribe-branded refills.

We’ve gotten a couple requests for green or purple refills. Are there any other colors that strike your fancy? Send us your suggestions! it’s the only way we have to gauge demand for new items. Speaking of new items, we’ve got the Poquito Stylus available for $9.99, and we’ll ship a pack of our Generic Refills with them (they take the 67 mm long refills). This makes them an incredible deal, and you are guaranteed to like the way they write since you’ll also get a set of our Generic Refills with them. They are perfect for jotting down notes, signing credit card slips, and of course, for any iPhone or iPad screen.  They’ll also make a great little stocking stuffer, the Holidays are just around the corner…


4 responses to “We’re always ready to take your orders and suggestions!

  1. Freeman Martin

    I also would like a bold rolling writer for Livescribe in red & blue ink. Thanks.

  2. I would buy purple and green refills as well as orange, pink or teal. I like using multi-colour inks for writing study notes. Maybe promote a multi pack with 4 colours as a note organising pack for students? I often write definitions in orange, professor examples in green, formulas in bright blue and other highlights in purple in the body of standard blue or black ink of my notes. I use a Sky Wi-Fi.

  3. Light (electric) blue, teal, purple, and magenta are all colors that I would pay an extra dollar or two per pack to buy on a regular basis if you had them.

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