A reminder that 67 mm x 2.5 mm ball point pen refills won’t actually fit the Livescribe 3 smart pen

I see from my blog stats that some of you are arriving at GenericRefills.org by searching for “67mm x 2.5mm refill.”  This is understandable because Livescribe published incorrect specifications for the LS3 refills!  Just to remind you, we at GenericRefills ordered sample refills with premium German ink with those bad specifications and found that they would almost fit the Livescribe 3 but that they interfered with proper functioning of the pressure sensor.  This kept the camera ON even when the pen tip was lifted from the paper making the digitized writing practically indecipherable!

The good news is that Livescribe published the actual specifications for the Livescribe 3 refills and using those, we’ve ordered a custom production run of the standard D1 ball point pen refill using the smooth-writing German ink that we’ve come to love!  As you know, if you’ve purchased our GenericRefills for the Pulse/Echo/Sky, this ink writes silky smooth! Some of you have even said that you don’t even care to find gel ink anymore because these are ball point pen refills that write so well!  

One final note.  We are looking into sourcing a pen body for our soon to arrive GenericRefills for the Livescribe 3.  This way, you can have an everyday pen that will use the smooth-writing refills with premium German ink.  No more worrying about lending your Livescribe to a colleague to scribble a note, just hand them your “other” pen!


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