Generic Refills for the Livescribe 3

I’ve placed an order for fine tip (0.8mm) Generic Refills with premium German ink in Black and in Blue.  These will be the standard D1 size metal refills which are 2.3 x 67mm and should be the same as our Generic Refills for Pulse, Echo and Sky pens except that they will be 67mm long instead of 57mm long.

I decided to start with the fine tip Generic Refills because Livescribe already supplies medium tip refills for the LS3.  The genuine LS3 refills are much better than the refills that the company supplies for the Pulse/Echo/Sky but I’ll have to say that I still think that our premium German ink flows much more smoothly than what Livescribe is sourcing.

As soon as I hear, I’ll let you know when the production run has been completed!


2 responses to “Generic Refills for the Livescribe 3

  1. Any Update on the LS3 refills?

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