Generic Livescribe 3 sample refills have arrived!

Well, I received my genuine Livescribe 3 refills from Livescribe and have compared them to the sample run of Generic Refills for Livescribe 3 that I had ordered and received this weekend.

Livescribe made an error in the technical specifications that they published for the Livescribe 3 refills… mistakes will happen 😦   They specify that the length of the Livescribe 3 refills is 67 mm (this is the industry standard for D1 refills) but they list the diameter as 2.5 mm (the industry standard is 2.3 mm).  Using this information I requested samples from my manufacturer for refills with the smooth-writing German inks that you all like in 67 x 2.5 mm ball point pen refills.

Turns out that the actual refills from Livescribe for the LS3 are closer to the industry-standard D1 refills because they are 67 mm long x 2.35 mm diameter!

I’ll be getting my Livescribe 3 pen sometime next week but I think that the 2.5 mm diameter refills are going to be too fat.  I’ve read some comments that the Livescribe 3 refills rattle a little bit so I’m going to wait to pass judgement until I can actually try to put these refills into my new Livescribe 3 pen.  I’ll keep you all posted!



4 responses to “Generic Livescribe 3 sample refills have arrived!

  1. I have just purchased the LiveScribe 3 Pen, but I can not purchase the ink refills anywhere in the uk or on the internet…..can you help
    many thanks
    Best regards
    Phil Coley

  2. So how did it go?

  3. Thanks for the nudge! I’ve put up a short post about the Generic Refills for Livescribe 3 pens.

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