Hummingbirds love red, what about you?

Well, I was drinking my coffee on my back porch this morning and I got buzzed by at least two different hummingbirds!  My mug today was bright red – they both came to investigate the huge “flower,” I think.

photo (3)

This brings me to my question, how many customers would buy packages of red refills (with smooth-writing German ink, of course!), how often? and would you pay a little extra?

Why extra? I anticipate much lower demand for red than blue or black and when I order in smaller quantities the price per refill goes up significantly.  This is because the manufacturer has to fill his assembly machinery with ink and with a smaller production run, much of that ink goes to waste.  Of course, that cost is passed on to us!  Refills have a shelf-life. If I was ignorant or unscrupulous, I’d order in big quantities and continue to sell those refills long past their prime.  Old ink is not smooth ink! so I just won’t do that!

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