International Shipping

I just wanted people to know that when Amazon or eBay ships product to you with their International or Global shipping programs, all of the shipping charges goes to those companies.  The fees are generally in the $20-$25 dollar range, partly because they use shipping methods that are insured and / or have tracking.

I can offer international shipping but this exposes both me the seller and you the buyer with additional risks.  I try to use USPS First Class Package International because it offers tracking (to many but not all countries).  This is slower than the Priority Shipping methods that Amazon or eBay uses but about half the price.  I’ve found that $10 covers the expense of the shipping and more importantly, the time it takes to fill out customs forms and go to the Post Office.

So what are the risks? If your package is not delivered, there is generally not any insurance.  We will both be out some money since I’ll re-send your refills but I’ll need you to pay for the shipping again.  The delivery time is longer and no one likes to wait a month for a delivery.  This service allows international buyers to have access to Generic Refills with smooth-writing German ink, but at the risk of lost shipments and aggravation if packages are lost.  I’m currently providing the service and evaluating how reliable the delivery service is to each country.

If you can afford to use shipping with Tracking and Insurance the delivery cost will be higher but I can offer a discounted rate for larger purchases that can offset the shipping cost.  Just send me a message and we’ll find something that works for both of us!  email:


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