Livescribe and autistic kids

Had a very interesting email exchange with one of my customers (“M”).  According to M, the doctors said his autistic son would grow up never being able to talk. Well fast forward and the child is an adult attending community college, driving a car and holding down a job!  The Livescribe pen is a wonderful tool to record lectures so that everything can be reviewed later and helps a lot with studying.  Of course, the Livescribe will be more fun to write with once they get their refills in the mail!  M gave me a link after I mentioned that my second-cousin (“T”) is autistic. I remember feeling so awful when I wasn’t careful about how loudly I spoke to T.  It was just too much sensory input, T would put hands over ears and run out of the room 😦   Here’s what M had to say,

“The big turning point for us was an auditory training method called TOMATIS.
It was a miracle for us and it is very well know in autism circles.”

Just wanted to pass along the link and the idea about using the Livescribe pen as a learning tool for autistic kids and to say how much respect I have for these kids and their parents.

Found this link about a math educator, Livescribe and an autistic relative.


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